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Dudek Paragliders are a European manufacturer known for their great quality, craftsmanship, and design. Few manufacturers compare.

Dudek Paragliders Canada

Dudek Paragliders is a manufacturer of the highest quality wings for paragliding and paramotoring. Full range of products - from school to competition level paragliders - puts Dudek at the top of the list for many pilots. All our products are manufactured in Poland (European Union), making Dudek one of the few factories that doesn't outsource production to other countries.

Constantly innovating and testing their products, Dudek wings are continually advancing. They are outfitted with the newest technologies and sport modern, sleek designs. They cater to many different flying styles and experience levels, so you’re able to be a lifelong fan of this brand that you’ll come to know and love.

Dudek has also held almost every world record and still hold most of them. Championship performance is exactly what you can expect. They continue to raise the benchmark on excellence year after year.

We offer Dudek products from our headquarters in London, Ontario or, if preferred, we can get them shipped to you directly from the factory. We strive to get orders to our customers within 5 weeks. We often get them in 2 weeks but it can sometimes take longer for select orders.

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London, Ontario (office)
Operating out of Lucan Airport (CPS4).


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