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Paragliding and powered paragliding are one of the most popular ways to fly and are great for beginners. It’s the most cost effective, simple and accessible form of aviation available.

Thanks to huge improvements in gear design, paragliding and paramotoring are among the safest aviation sports today. At our school, safety is the number one priority. We only use brand new modern training equipment and our instructors have current first aid certificates. Instructors are also certified by the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada and Transport Canada.

There’s never been a better time to get started with your dream of flying. With the help of our experienced instructors, you’ll be airborne in no time. We literally allow students to get airborne after a few training sessions.

We offer packages for both paragliding and paramotoring.


Powered paragliding

Our course curriculum includes both outdoor practical training and ground school classes that cover:

  • Pilot safety, gear safety, and risk management procedures
  • Navigation and radio communication
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Air Traffic Rules and Procedures
  • Information Circulars and NOTAM
  • Basic aerodynamics applicable to powered parachute (basic ultra-light) used for training
  • Meteorological phenomena as applicable

Students get course textbooks, local VNC maps, and an instructional DVD about the theory of flight and safety procedures. Our goal is to make your introduction to the world of aviation safe, easy, and exceptionally enjoyable.

Our students leave readied to fly solo and pass the HAGAR and ULTRA exams conducted by Transport Canada in regional test centres. The paragliding.ca flying school itself is based in London, Ontario and our training facilities are located around town. Our main site of operation is Lucan Airport (CPS4).

We operate year-round. Between spring and fall, we train and fly around London, Ontario. In the winter, we organize trips to world-class flying destinations. Our trips are 'all inclusive' so get ready to dive into the local culture and eat delicious cuisine. We provide loads of fun and adrenaline. Our trips are not to be missed!

Start your adventure of a lifetime. Get started today.


London, Ontario (office)
Operating out of Lucan Airport (CPS4).


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